Our pomeranians are the product of years of education and experience coupled with a passion for the pomeranian breed...

Makanani Pomeranians was started after Jessica completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. After more than a decade of owning and raising quality livestock, Jessica decided to shift her focus to Pomeranians. She noticed a lack of quality colored pomeranians within the islands. Her expertise and knowledge in animal husbandry, genetics, and importation gives her the insight to help create a higher standard of poms on the islands. Through responsible breeding, Makanani Pomeranians is producing exotic colors while maintaining commitment to betterment of the breed. 

Our Pampered Pomeranians enjoy Temperate days, cool nights, and room to roam

Pomeranians from paradise are the happiest poms in the world!

Our Hawaii grown pomeranians are a combination of bloodlines from around the globe. We import pomeranians only from kennels that breed for attributes we feel are important in pomeranians. We strive for litters in which the puppies are physically and tempermentally sound. 

Our pomeranians live the farm life on the Island of Hawaii

About Us and Makanani Pomeranians

Hawai'i Island 


​Pomeranians from Paradise